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""Just wanted to say how brilliant the Spaceman workshop was! Our children had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed your visit. Hoping to book again next year!"


Lisa, Y1 teacher, Halifax


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GREETINGS earthling

primary school teachers!

Welcome to the most unique primary school science workshop in the UK, putting a "Wow!" into your pupils' learning about Earth and Space, with our detailed replica Apollo moon landing A7L spacesuit, worn and modelled by Mr B, a highly experienced and qualified primary teacher.


Suitable for either Key Stage One or Key Stage Two and linked to the new 2014 National Curriculum for science, the suit in our brand new spaceman workshop inspires your pupils to learn more about the topic and reach for the stars in their learning.


So whether it's a visit inspired by the life of Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, your Earth and Space topic, a science week or any other school event where you want the pupils to be inspired by the adventure of space travel, the workshop is for you.

An inspiring visit from a (pretend :) spaceman to either KS1 or KS2 or both!

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Whether you want a KS1 visit or a KS2 visit, your school's personal spaceman can match your teaching and learning needs, either 'in role' as a spaceman visiting Year 1 or 2, or a more scientific explanation of the suit for years 3, 4, 5 or 6 with a HD 'space race' presentation included, the choice is yours.




(delivered in role as a spaceman)

But don't be fooled by this fun approach because included in the story are all the genuine facts about space travel, with pupils learning about gravity, thrust, how astronauts live, eat and breathe in space and much more about the whole topic, depending on your particular needs.


Oh, and one last thing - don't forget that all important photo with Mr B, wearing the space helmet and holding Spaceted.


(delivered as teacher)

While it is just as exciting as our KS1 workshop, our Key Stage Two version takes a more academic approach for older pupils in years 3, 4, 5 and 6, either as a supplement to your 2014 National Curriculum Earth and Space topic; an enhancement to your forces topic (where we look at the forces of gravity, thrust and air resistance involved in rocket launches and space travel) or simply as an inspiring visit for science week.


Taught as a teacher, rather than in role, Mr B emerges into your class or hall to explain the science behind the suit in a detailed presentation featuring real NASA techinical pictures which explain the functions of every part of the suit such as the life support hose connections, the RCU (Remote Control Unit), the boots, the gloves, the helmet and even the mission manual, which each moon walker carried attached to his wrist and Mr B has an exact copy of on his glove.  In addition, we also look in more detail at the Apollo moon mission patches, some of which were designed by the actual astronauts who took part!

Spaceman in your school moonwalking! Spaceman in your school photo opp! Spaceman in your school rocket launch

Whether your topic is space in general, or Neil Armstrong as suggested in the new KS1 2014 National Curriculum, a visit from Mr B in role as a spaceman will be one of the most memorable experiences of your pupils' school year.


The visit begins when Mr B emerges into your classroom from outside (or occasionally a stationery cupboard), looking for Spaceted, his comrade in space adventures.

After a brief introduction, the two are reunited and pupils hear the thrilling story of Spaceted's adventures on the moon, This is followed by you taking a picture of the pupils wearing the helmet or holdng the teddy (in pairs if it is more than one class).


We then launch a 'stomp rocket', where every pupil gets the chance to launch their rocket into space with a little hop skip and space jump!

Spaceman in your school talking about spaceted!

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Space workshop KS2 presentation Testing Kapton foil Space workshop Buzz Aldrin space glove

After a short break and a quick change so that pupils can try on his Buzz Aldrin signed glove and gold space helmet, Mr B leads an interactive HD video presentation about the space race and the moon landings, incorporating detailed scale models of rockets, acting opportunities and real space-flown items such as small pieces of space shuttle tile and even a piece of the gold foil from the first moon landing's Apollo 11 command module!

Holding the real fllown space items!

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KS1 workshop details or the KS2 workshop details

A spaceman arrives in a primary school hall!

"A brilliant experience that far exceeded our expectations! Darren delivered a great workshop which perfectly met our needs and that the children really engaged with!"  Fiona Szewczyk KS1 teacher


In these challenging times I am pleased to say that I am still taking bookings for the new academic year with changes to my workshops including the following of your school policy, adapted teaching, last minute cancellations with no-fee and much more.  For more details please click here to go to my Covid-19 page.