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Buzz Aldrin signed our glove!

Wear a replica space glove signed by the 2nd man on the moon, the real Buzz Aldrin who landed with Neil Armstrong!

Meeting Buzz!

I had the pleasure recently of meeting the real Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon and pretty much the most famous person still with us from the Apollo moon landing programme.


I showed Buzz the glove (complete with a copy of his own moon landing checklist on the cuff) and he agreed it was a pretty good copy.  He was also very pleased that it would be used in the school workshops and wasted no time in signing it for the pupils to wear.


Buzz was in the very first moon landing mission with Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins, and was the second man to step on the moon after Neil Armstrong, who sadly passed away in 2012.  This means that Buzz is now the only man left who stepped on the moon from that first ever mission.

Buzz Aldrin signing a primary earth and space workshop glove

"Fantastic resource! The workshop has provided all children an opportunity to generate ideas for writing and questions they want to know more about space.!"

Dan, team teacher, Bolton

Buzz Aldrin on moon.JPG

The legend of Apollo 11

Apollo 11, which was the mission name, was a real step into the unknown, with Neil, Buzz and Michael risking their lives for the chance to be the first moon landing mission.  


Not only did they have to deal with the difficulties of the actual landing, but they also had to sit on top of the most powerful rocket still to have ever been built, the Saturn V.  This had an incredible power of 7,600,000 lbs of thrust, which is enough to lift 100,000 year 6 pupils into space!


When Buzz was there he took some very famous pictures and also had photos taken of himself by Neil Armstrong such as this one.


It was an incredible experience to meet Buzz, so if you would like to hear more about it or for your pupils to wear the actual glove that he signed, book our workshop now.

Here is a picture of Mr B with Buzz and his fellow spaceman Alan Bean, who was on the second mission to the moon!

Mr B meeting Buzz Aldrin and Alan Bean.J

Buzz and Mr (Alan) Bean!