A Spaceman in

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""Just wanted to say how brilliant the Spaceman workshop was! Our children had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed your visit. Hoping to book again next year!"


Lisa, Y1 teacher, Halifax


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About our replica A7L Apollo spacesuit

Our gorgeous replica Apollo moon landing spacesuit (called the A7L) is a detailed replica made for us in the USA by a company who specialises in museum quality spacesuit reproductions, with the odd part removed or adapted to make it more accessible for use in primary schools (for example, a glass 'bubble' helmet wouldn't have worked because it is impossible to breathe through without an oxygen set).


The suit allows Mr B, a qualified and experienced teacher, to teach about its functions either in role for KS1 (with the aid of Spaceted of course) or as a teacher for KS2, in a way that is both inspiring and great fun, not just for pupils but for adults too!

Aldrin_Apollo_11 spaceman in your school workshop (34)

Mr B, aka the spaceman in your school with Spaceted

Buzz Aldrin in his A7L on the moon, without Spaceted

spaceman in your school workshop (15)

Not just for kids, for adults too!


Our suit detail

While our suit is for all intents and purposes a teaching copy, minus the electronics and life support system etc. we take a pride in putting detail in all of our workshops so have made adjustments to add even more of a wow! moment when pupils see the suit and also to add even more teaching opportunities.


An example of this is the glove and RCU (remote control unit) details you see in the pictures below.  These were bare items when we received them and we have added the details you see from the original pictures as shown in each image.

the glove RCU our suit

Detail pictures

Inside a real A7L spacesuit

The actual A7L as used by all the Apollo moonwalkers was a very complex item indeed, which, as well as many detailed elctronics and integrated life support system, came complete with a cooling/heating suit (very much like long johns with pipes laced through it) and also a great deal of velcro!


What many people don't know is that it was actually blue inside, as can be seen in the picture on the right.  The reason for this was that the electronics etc needed a hub to work from, and that the white part was actually only an outer protective layer made up of 25 different layers of material, some of which had been invented especially for the suit.


It was also attached to the most important part which was the PLSS, or in other words the Primary Life Support System, which carried not only all the breathing apparatus, but also many more environmental monitoring and life sustaining items to make sure the astronaut was able to survive in the vacuum of space.

The inside of a real A7L spacesuit

PLSS inside

The inside of the PLSS backpack (Primary Life Support System)