A Spaceman in

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""Just wanted to say how brilliant the Spaceman workshop was! Our children had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed your visit. Hoping to book again next year!"


Lisa, Y1 teacher, Halifax


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Other workshops

I currently offer a wide range of different workshops for Science, History and Sport scross a range of topic areas which are all designed exclusively for primary schools and are tailored specifically to the 2014 National Curriculum.  


For example, my Romans school workshop covers earlier British history, while my Blitz school WW2 workshop and my WW1 school workshop covers the 'significant events after 1066' and 'local history after 1066' strands, while all of my space science primary workshops cover the 'forces' and 'Earth and Space' KS2 topics, as well as the KS1 suggested use of Neil Armstrong as a 'famous figure'.


Curriculum objectives aside, all my workshops can be used as a one-off 'Wow!' day to inspire pupils about the topic in hands on investigation of the subject via themed activities and the use of genuine artefacts where possible.

_DSC0788 _DSC0178-(2) _DSC0506-(2) _DSC0013-Edit IMG_1907 blitz-school-workshop boys-aeroplane-launcher making-paper-rockets primary-model-rockets-workshocut-p science-workshop-girl-with-rover inventions-workshop-camera inventions-workshop-cameras inventions-workshop-stephenson's-rocket inventions-workshop-telegraph blitz-school-workshop.3jpg fencingman sword-fencing-worksop-2 Roman school workshop - armour

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Roman school workshop - testudo Roman school workshop - commanding the leigion Roman school workshop - auxilliary soldier Roman school workshop - timeline questions Roman school workshop - Boudica lives!