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""Just wanted to say how brilliant the Spaceman workshop was! Our children had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed your visit. Hoping to book again next year!"


Lisa, Y1 teacher, Halifax


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About us

Over 11,000 pupils a year and counting!  Add your pupils to this number with one of my school workshops for History, Science and Sport, which I firmly believe are among the best in the country


Ask anyone who knows me and they will probably agree on one thing - that I am obsessed with consistently improving the quality of my workshops to a level of detail that ensures that my customers will always come back for more, which I believe is not only essential for pupils' learning, but also extremely good business! I am also very interested in the topic of space exploration, which certainly helps in this job :).


Like the vast majority of professional QTS teachers, since I began teaching back in 2000 I have strongly believed that the quality of my own teaching and thus the quality of pupils' learning has always been the most important aspect of the job, and this has resulted in the high quality of my workshops that I now offer such as this one and those featured on my other workshop page.


This quality is also based on a strong foundation of teaching experience, which, since I left the classroom to start this business back in 2006, has included delivering my workshops to many hundreds (and possibly thousands) of both state primaries and independent schools; writing published sports lesson plans for organisations such as Manchester United; delivering teacher training; and to also providing workshops in the secondary sector too, for both adults and older students.  In addition I have also worked in a lot of other differing environments such as Special Educational Needs schools and also the private and corporate sector, delivering fun sword fighting sessions and other promotional events.


In addition, I was also heavily involved in the 'Save School History' campaign, which was set up in opposition to Michael Gove's first draft of the 2014 History curriculum, and I was the founder of a facebook page which ultimately contributed to the more acceptable version of the curriculum which we have now.


Based on this experience, I have spent a long time developing the following workshops to match the needs of schools as best as possible, which currently stand at around 10 different workshops for a range of science, history and sports curriculum topics.  These are as follows (click the link to visit each particular website)


WW1 school workshops @

WW2 school workshops @

Victorian inventions workshops @

Science rockets and inventions workshops @

First World War school workshop @

Sword fencing school workshops @


Finally, I would just like to day that in this time, one thing has consistently shone through in each school I have visited (WITHOUT exception) and that is the clear dedication and quality of our profession, which I have witnessed in many teachers and have tried to emulate in creating what I think are some of the best (if not 'the best') school workshops for Science, History and Sport in the country, of which I am incredibly proud.


On this note, I look forward to hopefully coming into your school in the future and I hope you find a workshop to suit your needs.


Best wishes,


Darren (aka 'Mr B' to the pupils)

(or rather, me, Mr B, my workshops and my obsession with quality)